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Our Story

Owner & President

Jennifer Henderson, J.D.

Jennifer is an attorney and the owner and president of Henderson Search. She founded the firm because she believes recruiters should align with their clients’ and candidates’ best interests to create long-term success. Each client and candidate has a unique and compelling story that deserves to be understood and shared.

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Our Mission and Values

Integrity: Ensuring transparency with both you and our candidates, we prioritize open communication and ask the right questions to deliver the best hires for your organization.

Dedication: Our team is committed to working diligently and intelligently, providing you with a top-tier selection of candidates from the market.

Gratitude: We express our deepest gratitude to our clients and candidates for the opportunity to serve, grow teams, businesses, and careers.

Our Testimonials

Jen…demonstrated a depth of expertise and a strategic approach to finding the best talent, and ability to tailor her recruiting to client & role needs. I recommend her as…a recruiter!

- Maggie

Jen is a builder. Because she is a focused, respectful and interested listener she builds effective teams. Jen has a fierce work ethic and is unshakably loyal. All of this, combined with her years of experience in the business, is what makes her an impressive recruiter.

- Michael

During our time together…I was able to witness first hand the tenacity and passion she brought to work with her each and every day. In addition, Jen is one of the most positive and upbeat people I know!

- Chad

Jen is an expert at high level retained search. I recommend Jen because I know that she will take care of…clients and find high quality talent in a challenging market.

- Wendy

Her ability to offer perspective on my day day to challenges and relate them to long-term opportunities set her apart from other consultants with whom I had worked.

- Brian