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Consulting Services

No matter the industry, we have you covered.

Talent Strategy Consulting To Help Your Business Grow

Acquisition & Selection

Acquisition & Selection Consulting That Helps You Find the Right Talent

Henderson Search & Consulting streamlines your recruitment process with end-to-end services, including job description creation, salary research, targeted marketing, candidate screening, and hiring manager training. We help you utilize various tools such as social media, job boards, and industry connections to attract and secure top talent.


Onboarding Consulting That Helps You Set Up Your People for Success

Henderson Search & Consulting specializes in Onboarding services that foster long-term employee success and retention. With 69% of employees more likely to stay for three years if they experience a well-structured onboarding program, our tailored approach ensures new hires feel welcomed and supported. We create and implement effective programs aligned with your business goals, measuring key indicators like engagement, time to proficiency, and retention rates.

Performance Management

Performance Management Consulting That Helps You Optimize Your Talent's Potential

Henderson Search & Consulting is dedicated to providing exceptional Performance Management services that drive your organization’s success. We collaborate with you to establish performance goals aligned with your business objectives, ensuring your employees stay focused and motivated. We support you with continuous feedback and personalized coaching to foster employee development and growth.

Utilizing proven methodologies, we help you measure and track performance over time, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for advancement. By implementing strategic initiatives, we work together to enhance productivity and drive sustainable growth for your organization.

Talent Development

Expert Talent Development Consulting That Helps You Invest in Your People for Long-Term Success

Henderson Search & Consulting offers exceptional Talent Development services focused on unlocking the full potential of your organization’s workforce. Our team collaborates with you to identify and develop top talent, creating a strong pipeline of future leaders who drive growth and innovation. We ensure your employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and contribute to your organization’s success.

Compensation & Non-Compensation Rewards

Compensation & Non-Compensation Rewards Consulting That Helps You Attract and Retain Top Talent

Henderson Search & Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of Compensation & Non-Compensation Rewards services designed to attract, retain, and engage top talent in your organization. We begin by collaborating with you to create competitive compensation packages that reflect market trends, industry benchmarks, and your organization’s unique value proposition. This ensures your offerings remain attractive to both current and prospective employees.

In addition to monetary rewards, we recognize the importance of non-compensation rewards in driving employee motivation and engagement. Our team works closely with you to develop and implement a diverse range of non-financial incentives, such as flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and recognition programs, which contribute to a positive workplace culture and enhance overall employee satisfaction.